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Branding has changed dramatically in recent years and you can no longer make do with a great logo or tagline. Consumers today are looking for excitement, an emotional connection, and brand identification – with our extensive experience in all aspects of entertainment, design and production, we can help you tell your story in creative ways to connect with your audience and stand the test of time.

Press Events

Make a big splash with your launch.  Farrington can be your event producer featuring high-end talent, exquisite production value, and unforgettable moments.

Show Production

From award-winning stage productions to corporate events, Farrington has the creative and production experience to do it all.  Farrington is your one-stop shop for lighting, audio, staging, music, direction, choreography, scripting, video, and all the elements needed for a successful production.

Corporate Branding

Businesses today need to be branded.  Innovative branding with a creative twist like costumed characters, interactive booths, or flash mobs elevate your branding possibilities.

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